Grades 10-12

Unit of Credit: 1

Prerequisite: Studio in Art

Drawing and Painting is a fine arts course for the serious minded art student who is interested in developing academic drawing and painting skills. The course focuses on the development of skills, creativity, and originality as students explore the art elements and principles. Drawing projects acquaint the students with a variety of media (pencil, colored pencil, charcoal, pastel, oil pastel), techniques, and subject matter with an emphasis on drawing from life. Painting projects will develop both watercolor acrylic skills and techniques. Art history and aesthetics will be incorporated into all projects. Throughout the year, students will be exposed to several art styles ranging from realistic to abstract art forms. Cultural arts grants will provide students an opportunity to work in class with professional artists as a form of course enrichment.

Students are required to keep a sketchbook/journal, and must present an exit portfolio for course credit. They are also expected to visit museums/galleries and write follow-up critiques on selected art works.