Grades: 10-12

Unit of Credit: ½ each semester

Prerequisite: Studio in Art

Creative Crafts 1 is a one-semester elective course intended for the student who wants to become familiar with basic two and three-dimensional design techniques, and explore the arts through a variety of world cultures. Projects including, drawing, relief sculpture, painting, and board game designing. This course offers students a chance to investigate creative problem solving using the elements of art and principles of design. Introduction to art history and exposure to a variety of world cultures will guide students towards an appreciation of both craft and design.

Creative Crafts 2 continues the exploration of craft and design throughout art history. Students will investigate a variety of crafts and media including clay, plaster, paper-mache, foam core, wire, and fiber arts. Sculpture, drawing for design, and craft techniques will be introduced. Student artwork will focus on multiculturalism, art history, and design for marketing. Creative Crafts 1 and 2 serve students who are interested in pursuing the study of art, but prefer a more tactile experience.